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ACV Himalayan Scalp Detox Scrub
ACV Himalayan Scalp Detox Scrub

ACV Himalayan Scalp Detox Scrub

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Lattes & Lavender Self Care.

ACV Himalayan Scalp Detox Scrub

Handcrafted in Alaska. 

This scalp scrub is formulated to help remove dead skin and product buildup that sometimes even shampoo doesn't remove. Instead of using a clarifying shampoo, that will strip your hair.

Detoxing the scalp, will promote healthy new hair growth and help prevent hair loss. Helping hair and scalp absorb moisture, nutrients, and vitamins from hair products that are meant to heal your hair.

This scalp scrub was handcrafted to help remove impurities & build up from the scalp. It further promotes hair growth, unclogs hair follicles, and works as a great exfoliant.

The combination of Apple Cider Vinegar, Dead Sea Salt, & Pink Himalayan salt work simultaneously removing dead skin cells, product buildup and rebalances pH, for the ultimate clean scalp.

PS. This WILL sting if you have open sores! This is pure salt + vinegar. Use with caution.

made with a special essential blend specializing in scalp work + that smells like cleansing goodness: apple cider vinegar, rosemary & tea tree