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PH Balancing Feminine Wash
PH Balancing Feminine Wash

PH Balancing Feminine Wash

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Lattes & Lavender Self Care.

PH Balancing Feminine Wash.

Handcrafted in Alaska. 

Take care of your vagina by showing her some well-deserved self care!

Do your kegel exercises, eat more yogurt/honey & almonds, stay away from synthetically scented laundry soap & bleached laced tampons + pads, and don’t forget to properly clean your vulva!

The vulva, that is the external part of your genitals including the labia, should be carefully washed. Although our vaginas can naturally clean themselves (so douching is a noooo bueno), bacteria and smegma (made out of oils and your dead skin) can hide in the folds of the vulva.

Not washing can cause foul odor, yeast infections, or bacterial infections.

This soap helps to moisturize & softly cleanse.

there isn’t a scent profile or added essential oils due to the unwanted effect of throwing off your ph levels, however you may smell a faint rose + castile soap scent