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Oat Milk Herbal Baby Bump Bath

Oat Milk Herbal Baby Bump Bath

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Oat Milk Herbal Baby Bump Bath

Handmade in Alaska by Lattes & Lavender Self Care

The physical changes that happen within our body during pregnancy are miraculous! But wow these little miracles can really make us feel like absolute shit. Commonly we feel tired, uncomfortable, with sore and aching muscles.

I have blended this herbal bath with ground organic oats and natural herbs, selected for their nourishing & healing properties, to help you to feel relaxed, restored.

Make yourself a priority and take some time to enjoy some inner reflection whilst nourishing your body in this beautiful milk bath.

These baths are pre-measured and put into muslin bags for an absolute stress-free & mess-free bath!

smells of herbals & oatmeal